Business Process Outsourcing / Recurring Projects

Business organization that  provides business process services that continue every months, such as handle and manage tax documents, data processing, scanning & input data, etc. The services included both trade & non trade division for each bank partner or other company. 

  • Citibank
  • Standard Chartered Bank
  • DHL
  • CIMB Niaga
  • ANZ

IT Solution

In a banking application architecture environment, mainly there are three different layers that the
financial institution have in their application infrastructure namely back office, middle office, and front office. We are proposing a unique focus by providing:

Back office application where the financial institution’s legacy system application is running namely Core Banking, Treasury, Payments Processing, Credit Card, PDS (Predictive Dialing System), Telecollection, Social Media, Email Management System and Delivery Order System.

Front office application is all the customer touch-points takes place. Front end application such as: web branch delivery, CRM, Internet banking, Inbound Call Center System, Outbound Call Center System, VRS, Teleoutbound and Telesurvey.

Middle office application (e.g. loan origination systems, collections, cash management, trade finance, remittance, wealth management) is essential to leverage legacy back end (e.g. mainframe) applications with distribution channel (e.g. client/server) applications and to providing for communication across heterogeneous platforms.

But nonetheless, though Banks were equipped with comprehensive sets of their application infrastructure, Banks need to serve their customers in 24/7. It will be enabled by service distribution strategy through delivery channel i.e. ATM. Then, serving the Banks through this strategy, we also propose outsourcing services, which consist of:

Providing material and accessories for PMS, LAN, Cabling, grounding (Isolation Transformer) on location and UPS for reserve electricity.

Provisioning connectivity of ATM' s network communication to host or any other switching.

Providing Maintenance and performance, Cash Handling, ATM Monitoring, Management Information Reporting, Recons and Settelement for internal transaction and for 3rd party, also Customer Relationship Management or Marketing.

Including supplies (supporting parts), cartridge and ribbon.

Including cost of replacing ATM cassette (both currency dispenser or reject dispenser) and standby cost of maintenance if there is a damage due to vandalism and provisioning ATM insurance.

  • Site Infrastructure
  • Connectivity
  • Human Resource
  • Logistics
  • Others

Banking Product Segmentation:

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