We realize that software implementation impacts almost every part of your organization. After you have the right solutions, you now need the right services, excellent services to ensure that you succeed with your investment.

Pundi Technologies offers several high quality services to you.

  • Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

Our BPO solutions cover a wide range of diverse business needs. We use a disciplined, standardized approach to BPO, while leaving room for innovation and flexibility. Our service brings sustainable business transformation.

Document management is the process of handling document in such a way that information can be created, shared, organized and stored efficiently and appropriately. For many business, the focus of document management is on the organization and storage of documents. They want to be able to store document in an organized and secure way that still allows documents to be easily. The trend towards a paperless office is more realistic for business than for other.

  • IT – Consulting

we work closely with customers to clearly define all data and design requirements of the solution and to configure the solution based on these requirements before implementation begins. Once the configurations are established, we thoroughly tests all aspects of the solution to validate that it is designed to meet all requirements.

Here are our product catalog IT for support digitize

  • Helpdesk (Trouble Ticket)
  • Sales Force Automation
  • Ticketing & Booking System
  • Customer Service System
  • Aplikasi Kepegawaian (HRD)
  • Social Media (SOCMED)
  • Data Management System (DMS)
  • E-Commerce
  • Mobile Application
  • Digital Marketing

  • Implementation and Project Management

We provide a dedicated project manager to oversee the solution implementation. The project manager oversees progress and quality of all components of the customer program, ensuring progress against the plan, adequate resource allocation, appropriate change control and customer satisfaction

  • Customized Software Development

We deliver custom application programming services to end customers. Our competence and experience ensure that we deliver excellent services and products to our customers. At every stage of the development process, from conceptual design to product release, the highest qualitystandards are maintained. We will assign your project to a team of 2-20 developers headed by a project manager who will be your contact person

  • Solution Integration

Our solution integration services enable clients to identify, develop, and implement the most appropriate solutions to their change requirements. The services listed below are applicable to either internal, custom-built or external, third-party solutions.

Methodology: The Diagrams

Our Methodology :

Implementation Study (if required)

Activities include:

1. Assessments of current situation
• Objective: to get fact based overview of strengths and weaknesses of the existing solution.
• Activities:

  • Read written materials (annual report, website, books, media clippings, etc.).
  • Conduct stakeholder analysis.
  • Interview internal and external stakeholders.
  • Collect and analyze data.

2. Determining optimal goal for the future
• Objective: to get consensus of what kind of solution that would like to be achieve in the future.
• Activities:

  • Get international benchmark of best practices.
  • Gather expectation of internal and external stakeholders.
  • Determine possible internal and external barriers / obstacles.
  • Design optimal goal for the future.
  • Develop MUSTs and WANTs .

3. Formulating solution blueprint strategy to achieve the goal
• Objective: to determine what needs to be done to move from the current situation to the intended optimal future.
• Activities:

  • Brainstorming for possible ideas.
  • Selecting the best alternative among the possible alternatives (based on MUSTs & WANTs).
  • Testing the ideas on internal and external stakeholders.
  • Formulating and refining the final solution blueprint strategy.

4. Develop pilot implementation plan
• Objective: to translate the solution blueprint strategy into a pilot implementation plan.
• Activities:

  • Develop time-bound action plans and milestones to achieve the future goals within the context of the solution blueprint strategy already formulated.
  • Train key Bank staffs to master the new mechanisms / processes to be able to implement them in a chosen divisions as a pilot project.

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1. Project Preparation

The objective of this task is to prepare and validate the entire pilot project implementation requirements.

Activities include:

  • Kick-off meeting between Pundi and the Bank’s IT technical team to elaborate about the methodology used, team member introduction, and suggestions about working schedule.
  • Jointly develop the pilot project plan and who needs what and when.
  • Produce the list of dependencies and other assumptions for the Bank’s solution.
  • Included in the objective of this task is to prepare hardware, operating system, web server, and application software for a development and production environment.

2. Conceptual Design

The objective of this task is to develop a comprehensive conceptual system design document that clearly maps all the functional and technical specifications based on the (previous step) Solution Blueprint strategy workshops, interviews, and consultancy report documentations.

It is important that the Bank’s Development Project selects the appropriate and authorized end-users to participate in the workshop to define conceptual design requirements with our consultants and that
he/she is available during the required scheduled workshop and interviews.

This task consists of the following activities:

  • Gather and document the conceptual design requirements for the pilot implementation based on the proposed Solution Blueprint Strategy Report.
  • Finalize the flow of work procedure.
  • Defining and designing the system architecture for Bank’s pilot wealth management system.
  • Validate assumptions, statement of work, schedule and adjust any of these as the project definition dictates for the following:
    • Running on a PC server/ UNIX machine using NT / UNIX operating system, Web Server, and RDBMS database
    • The knowledge management system will be based on Internet technology with browser interface and J2EE compliance

The Functional Design Specification will be documented for the Bank’s Development Project acceptance before proceeding to the next stage.

Functional Design Specification Signoff

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3. Detailed Design

The objective of this task is to provide a visualization of all the business process that is gathered from the Conceptual Design Phase.

This task consists of the following activities:

  • On this task, the “look and feel” of this solution will be adjusted according to corporate Bank’s corporate branding design.
  • Design of all business flows will be structured and finalized for all modules for the Bank pilot implementation.
  • Another objective of this task is to develop a comprehensive database structure and quality assurance by a DB Administrator and develop a document that clearly defines all the relational specifications for the solution.
  • The customer DB will be build based on Bank’ s input on their current customer database and this database will be part of the solution.

The Technical Design Specification will be documented for the Bank’s Development Project acceptance before proceeding to the next stage.

Technical Design Specification Signoff.

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4. Implementation

Once the Functional and Technical Design Specification is accepted and signoff by the Bank’s Development Project, customization and coding of search screens, user interfaces, special functionalities, links begins.

Include in this stage:

  • System Integration Testing.
  • Pundi to perform system integration testing once customization coding is complete and a Test-plan will be prepared.

4.1. User Acceptance Testing

The Bank’s Development Project will perform the User Acceptance Testing (UAT) in the test environment.

The Bank’s Development Project should devise their own test plan to ensure the system complies with the agreed requirements. Any non-compliance or defects will be reported and documented in our Defect Management report. Pundi will then make correction to the system accordingly and the Bank’s Development Project will retest again.

User Acceptance Signoff.

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5. Post Production Support :

5.1. Training for the Trainer

Train-the-Trainer program will be adopted in this phase. The Bank’s Development Project will select a person to be a dedicated trainer. He/she will be given adequate training by Pundi in order to carry out training for the end-users.

The Training Guide will be jointly developed for users, document controllers and user administrators.
Note: If the Bank’s Development Project is unable to facilitate a trainer, additional resources will be sought from Pundi. Additional charges will be based on time and material.

Train-the Trainer Training Completion Signoff.

5.2. Training the End-Users

Two (2) training classes will run in parallel to train approximately 25 end users from the Bank’s Development Project at the HQ office using the Bank’s Development Project training facilities, for example PCs and classroom facilities. One trainer from Pundi and one trainer from the Bank Development Project will carry out the trainings.

End-Users Training Completion Signoff.

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5.3. Installation of Clients at HQ

Two teams, one from Pundi and one from the Bank’s Development Project, will share the responsibility of installing the wealth management solution components at the Bank Development Project HQ. The Bank’s Development Project will help coordinate by preparing the users for the installation.

Please note that the current schedule does not include the remote site installations, as it is impossible to verify, as these would very much depend on the logistics provided by the Bank’s Development Project.

Rollout Completion at HQ Signoff.

5.4. Production Live

Upon completion of all scope of work and deliverables, a signoff for Final Acceptance and Letter of Commissioning will be issued by the Bank’s Development Project to indicate that the production System is live and that the application warranty and post implementation support by Pundi begins. This will mark the end of the project.

Final Acceptance Signoff & Issue of Letter of Commissioning.

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5.5. Maintenance

Pundi will appoint a support contact person specially designated for the Bank.

The maintenance support will cover both Defect and Non-Defect Pundi developed software support. The maintenance scheme will be as follows:

  • Remote support through telephone to Pundi’s office (576-0852). Support will be provided during normal working hours (09.00 – 17.00 from Monday to Friday) except public and national holidays.
  • On-site support will be provided upon advanced appointments that will be provided (max 8 hours / month) also during normal working hours (09.00 – 17.00 from Monday to Friday) except public and national holidays.
  • On-site emergency support will be provided at anytime with an additional fee.

On every problem, a severity will be given will the response time as follows:

  • Severity High, application is down; response time will be within 24 hours.
  • Severity Medium, application still running with major problems, response time will be within 5 (five) days.
  • Severity Low, application is running with intermittent or minor problems, response time will be 2 (two) weeks.

6. Project Management

Projects are managed according to a precise methodology. The key elements are listed below.

  • Inventory of tasks and resources
  • Project plan
  • Monitoring the budgets and the plans
  • The change request
  • The progress report
  • The control panel
  • The action list
  • Quality assurance, quality control.

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