The worldwide financial markets are currently in a phase of upheaval and transformation. Over the past few years, the threat of non-bank competition has increased – forcing financial institutions to re-examine their traditional franchise.

Today, financial institutions must find a way to instantly re-profitable business of deposits and other activities back to the bank. At the same time, they must strengthen existing customer relationships by offering new products and improve service to their customers.
Pundi Artha Setia provides outsourcing services for human resources processes and in handling and managing data and tax documents every month, in addition, provides a complete range of solutions to empower every aspect of your business operations. Our professionals are dedicated to providing the highest level of customer service and support.

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Who We Are

PT Pundi Artha Setia (a.k.a. Pundi Technologies) was established in January 2001 at the time where the Indonesian banking industry was at the utmost of their recovery stage. As the banking industry continues to consolidate, banks are redesigning their IT platforms accordingly hence creating interesting opportunities for IT services.

Pundi provides the technological solutions and consultancy services to the Banking and Financial Services Industry, offering high quality products and customised information technology solutions. Our solutions can facilitate the implementation of banking package application platform in a financial institution.

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Industry Focus

In general, our vertical niche market is the financial industry. And mainly banks who have corporate and retail services. Included in this category are:

    • Government Banks
    • Private Banks
    • Sharia Banks
    • Foreign Banks
    • Merged Banks

The Management

Emil B. Sumirat, started his career as an information and technology expert with IBM for 8 years, specializing in the Banking and Finance Industry. Assigned to MIK (an IBM subsidiary company) for 2 years and specializing in building financial solutions. Left job as a Senior Manager at IBM, where he was first employed in 1991. Has an MBA of Finance from The Imperial College, London. Subsequently after IBM, he was with indo.com an Internet travel portal company as CTO for 2 years. Currently, he resumes as the CEO of Pundi Technologies.

Our Commitment

We serve the needs of financial industry’s business processes in order to achieve efficiency, reliability and agility. We also serve the needs of market innovations in order to defend and broaden the market and to bring customer delight which will conclude to business sustainability.

We believe in enhancement business process and market innovations are beyond technology. It requires understanding in the customer’s behavior, market changes and the nature of business itself.
Pundi Technologies is a learning organization. We commit to make the implementation of the new technology as efficient, seamless, and as smooth as possible for our clients.

Pundi Technologies provides services with reference of the best practice on each solution proposed. We put our best effort to deliver innovative IT solutions that enable our customers to meet their business objectives.

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