PUNDI has been retaining numerous leading local and multinational companies within the scope of financial service industry. We provide cutting-edge technologies and services which vary from in-depth analysis, system integration, customized software development, to system training and maintenance. Our team of well-skilled and trained professionals will deliver the best assistance to clearly define your requirements, configure the solution based on these requirements, and thoroughly test all aspects of the solution to validate that it is designed to meet all requirements. PUNDI is naturally driven to create matchless results by equipping the clients with the right tools to help them better understand, manage and improve their core business processes.


We present our respectively diverse clients, as listed below (by types & alphabetical order):


 Bank Commonwealth Indonesia

Implemented Callatay & WoutersThaler core-banking system within a very aggressive timeline (only 5.5 months). The solution replaced a PC-based DOS system and will streamline information from the front office to the back office. 


 Bank Danamon

Implemented Nucleus Collections System for the secured and un-secured loans for their Consumer Banking Division and their SME Division. This application is handling delinquent accounts for the bank including management of collection agency, repossession, legal process, and as well post-repossession process namely auction or direct bidding. Bank Danamon also implemented Nucleus Loan Origination System for the secured and un-secured loans for their Consumer Banking Division and their SME & Commercial Division.


Bank International Indonesia

Implemented Nucleus CAS for SME for secured and unsecured loans for their SME Division. This solution is used to automate approval process of the loan. The bank also implemented Customer Liability System (CLS). This application is used for managing asset portofolio.




 Bank Mega

Bank Mega is one of the most innovative medium scale banks in Indonesia. We implemented an ATM Monitoring System utilizing Internet and SMS technology. The objective of this project is to capture ATM error alerts and send through alternative alert delivery channels namely SMS, Fax, Email, and Pager.


Bank Rakyat Indonesia

Bank Rakyat Indonesia implemented Fixed Asset Management Project using SAP. The objective of this project is to cater functions namely asset budgeting, asset requisition and distribution, management of asset, controlling and asset accounting. Pundi Technologies delivers this project in cooperation with PT. Magnus Indonesia.


Bank Sinarmas

Bank Sinarmas implemented S1's Teller & Customer Service System, one of Pundi’s developed tool, in their operational to give faster customer servicing time and provide customers with consistency in service quality and information accuracy. The system simplifies the customer service process which has positive impact on customer satisfaction. It also provides a high level of scalability: this ensures that Bank Sinarmas can easily expand the system in order to cope with future growth of users and transaction volumes. It is a Rapid Application Development Life Cycle allowing the bank to immediately realize the benefit of the new customer service system.



To boost its loan business, Lippo Bank implemented end to end solution from PUNDI. The solutions catered all lines of loan business (secured and unsecured loans). The solutions delivered are the following: PundiSM, Nucleus CAS, Nucleus Collections & RMS, Newgen’s OmniDocs, ARIS-Toolkit and ARIS PPM.


Ø  Nucleus CAS is used as loan origination system to process the incoming loan applications.  This application automates loan approval based on criteria set by the bank.


Ø  Nucleus Collection & RMS (Recovery Management System) is used to handle delinquent accounts for the bank including management of collection agency, repossession, legal process, and as well post-repossession process namely auction or direct bidding.


Ø  Newgen’s OmniDocs is document management system. Integrating OmniDocs with Nucleus CAS enables the bank to have digital repository of loan documents linked to loan applications. OmniDocs document management system also provides functionality of Record Management System, which manages the administration of hard documents.


Ø  ARIS Toolkit is used to design the loan business processes. ARIS-PPM (Process Performance Monitoring) is used to monitor the performance of loan business processes. This enables the bank to keep improving the loan business processes.



Ø  Teller and Customer Service Systems

PUNDI involved in a breakthrough project to implement a web based teller and sales platform using S1’s Teller System and S1’s Point Call Centre System. The application is based on J2EE technology platform and using Java Programming.


Ø  PermataNet (PermataBank Internet Banking)

To attract new customers, maximize retention, cross-sell services, and increase profitability; PermataBank decided to implementS1’s online retail banking solution, a deep and full-featured online banking which gives PermataBank’s customers a total financial view by delivering market-leading functionality for unparalleled control over their accounts.


Indosat Mega Multimedia

Developed a web-based e-Procurement and SAP interface system that was undertaken for PT Satelindo. This interface program enables them to manage their vendors, create online RFQ, and transactional bidding process.












Bank Indonesia

Ø  Regulatory Report Application for BPR (micro banks)

Pundi developed the Regulatory Report application for micro banks which covers data entry client application on the micro banks and web-based application for the banks to submit their reports and the superintendents from Bank Indonesia to monitor and review the submitted data. The application is designed with asynchronous architecture in it to allow the 2,500+ banks to submit their reports in time. Pundi successfully delivered the project in-time, within the scheduled 5 months timeline.

Ø  Printed Publications Management System Development

This application is used to monitor all documents published by all departments within Bank Indonesia.

Ø  BPR (micro banks) Reporting Integration Development and BPR (micro banks) Monthly Report Enhancement

Pundi developed additional module used to integrate multiple reports and applications in Bank Indonesia and enhancement in BPR (micro banks) monthly report.


Ø  BPR and BPRS Integrated Monitoring System Development

Pundi developed a new application for BPR monitoring, BPR Syariah Monthly Reporting system and Data Warehouse Development for integrated information provisioning from all BPR and BRPS in Indonesia.

Ø  Research Tool and Law Analysis Application Development

The scope of this project is to build a new application that is used as a digital archive for all banking regulation documents published by Bank Indonesia and integration with the existing document management system.

Ø  Vendor Management Application Development

Pundi developed e-procurement system module used by Bank Indonesia to monitor all vendors.


Pundi implemented PundiSM, a sales management system to assist Lippo in acquiring prospects and managing sales activities.



Customer Information System

Pundi developed the application which provides Generic Customer Number (GCN), a single entity customer number to be used by the bank in order to comply with Bank Indonesia’s (central bank) regulation. This application is linked with all CIF numbers and is used by PermataBank’s Customer Service at all branches and finance department.


Toyota Astra Motor

To better manage its communication and maintenance service booking with customers, TAM implemented a PundiCM, a contact management module from PundiCRM application suite. The application handles outgoing and incoming calls and manages car service booking in all authorized service station nationwide.






PUNDI provides Services to handle and manage Tax Document & Data Processing Services for citibank ‘s corporate clients. The services cover for trade & non-trade division of citibank. Pundi located its resources in Citibank’s clients sites as well as open new office spaces near Citibank’s premises, DHL Getway, and tradebooth at Soewarna Soekarno-Hatta Airport.


Standard Chartered Bank

Pundi provides Services to handle and manage Tax Document & Data Processing services for SCB’s corporate clients. The services cover for trade, excise, and tax division of SCB, such as DHL which located in Jakarta, Surabaya, Medan, Denpasar and PT. Delta Djakarta.



Pundi provides Services to handle Scanning Documents.





Pundi delivers service to Peruri as an Independent Consultant in constructing IT Blueprint for the next three years since 2008. Pundi is also appointed as an Associate Consultant for goods and service procurement process in IT surroundings.

Pundi is also appointed as an AssociateConsultant in network, office automation and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) project implementation which covers Financial, Supply Chain and Manufacturing modules.